Exploring The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with EEX Consulting

Shannon Womack, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

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YOU are an entrepreneur. Yes, you. No, seriously. Entrepreneurship is not limited to Ivy League dropouts who only wear shorts and t-shirts. I’m proof of this. Dontae, our co-president? Maybe not so much 🙂

Anyways, I say this to let you know that EEX casts a wide net when it comes to how we define entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to find a job within an organization, you want to start an organization of your own or you want a full-time job with a ‘side hustle’, we recognize that there are many ways to be entrepreneurial and it’s our goal to provide you with tangible opportunities to do so… in whichever way is right for you.

I speak from my own personal experience. My path before Stern was what most people would consider classic entrepreneurship in that I had my own business. I created marketing solutions for startups in Northeast Asia that were interested in growing their business in the US.

I thought I would take a similar path post-Stern, but my vision has evolved, largely because of my involvement with EEX and specifically the EEX Consulting Program.  As part of the EEX Consulting leadership team, I gained significant exposure to the challenges that different types of growing companies face – as well as opportunities to be entrepreneurial without being a business owner.

When Dontae and Christina asked me to share thoughts on my EEX experience, I went back and forth thinking of ways to describe just how influential the club has been as part of my MBA journey. But, instead of overwhelming you with a long list of joys and frustrations, I’ll just say this: The EEX board has worked tirelessly to develop compelling programming that highlights the many facets (and faces) of entrepreneurship.

Specifically, we’re placing a heightened emphasis on doing and not just discussing. From workshops where you can learn the basics of coding to the consulting program where you’ll inevitably be challenged to construct a marketing plan with a (very, very, very) limited budget – we want to give you a powerful set of experiences that complement the lessons taught in the classroom.

I can say with full confidence that there is no better time to advance your non-traditional pursuits than now. Learned to code very, very poorly? Did that.

Waxed poetic with the founders of Rap Genius about the merits of Lil’ Wayne’s latest mixtape? Did that too.

Found an awesome programmer for the venture that I plan to start in the next five years? The search goes on.

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