Elizabeth’s 4 Picks on MacDougal Street

Elizabeth Ginsburg, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

If you have yet to check out the food offerings on MacDougal Street, just a few blocks west of Stern, get over there quickly. Though it may only be a 7 minute walk from K-MC, as the year wears on and the weather turns colder, you’ll find yourself less inclined to venture even that far for sustenance. The food there is miles better than anything that’s just across the street. And it’s practically the UN of food on a three block stretch. Any cuisine you could think of, they probably have it there. And to sweeten the deal, most of the offerings are crazy cheap. So seriously, please resist spending that $10 on a Sosnoff sandwich or salad and go explore MacDougal. Below, a guide to four of my favorites:

1. Kati Roll
99 MacDougal Street
Kati Roll offers spicy meat and vegetable mixtures rolled into an Indian flatbread, similar to naan. One makes for a decent snack, two make a meal. Like any smart establishment that caters to the NYU community, they’re open late, until 5am on weekends and 2am during the week. Popular options include the chicken tikka masala wrap and the chana masala (spiced chickpeas with tomato). For something a little different, try my personal favorite, the Achari Paneer roll with paneer cheese and spicy pickles.

2. Mamoun’s
119 MacDougal St
It’s definitely not the best falafel around, but it is pretty good, and most importantly, it is the best bang for your buck on the street (MacDougal Street that is). For $3, you get a no-frills pita stuffed with freshly-fried falafel, lettuce, tomato and tahini. For a very modest charge, you can jazz it up with hummus or babaghanoush. If you are more carnivorously inclined, $6 gets you a lamb or chicken shawarma.

3. Artichoke Pizza
111 MacDougal St
If you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, this artichoke dip is fantastic, but you know what would be even better? If it were on a pizza,” then you’re in luck. Artichoke’s signature slice is exactly that, artichoke dip on a pizza. It’s not for everyone. Dense would be an understatement. If that sounds too intimidating, their classic slice is pretty excellent as well. Still very large. Slices are $4-4.50 because they’re the equivalent of two normal slices.

4. Choza Taqueria
124 MacDougal St
Whatever you do, don’t go to the taco truck that sets up on LaGuardia place. It’s terrible. Walk a few more blocks and check out Choza. Choze is a recent discovery of mine. The offerings are pretty standard, carnitas, chorizo, chicken or veggies, all in soft tacos or a burrito, but the ingredients are super fresh and it’s definitely the best Mexican within a 5 block radius.

[Certain members of the editorial board of this newspaper may love that taco truck. – Ed.]

Elizabeth was born and raised in NYC. Sometime during her adolescence she developed an obsession with eating. Prior to Stern, Elizabeth spent two years indulging her gastronomic interests as a food blogger. She enjoys dispensing food recommendations freely.

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