What the H is SGov and Why Should I Care?

Welcome back MBA2s! But more importantly – Welcome MBA1s! Welcome to business school and welcome to Stern. SGov wants to kick off the year by telling MBA1s a little bit about SGov, and letting MBA2s know about some of the exciting changes since last year.


In the coming weeks you will be inundated with information, speakers, schedules, inspiration, alcohol, knowledge and the fact that it is all about cities. You will tell your story 50 times a day. You will discuss your future plans. You will be a bit nervous, very excited and at times overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF you need to do. Fear not: it’ll all be worth it.

SGov means Stern Student Government. SGov is comprised of both MBA1s and MBA2s. SGov’s purpose is to act as a liaison between students and the administration, to govern student clubs and organizations, to coordinate student events, beer blasts, charity events and to generally be available for students issues. The SGov Board wants to leave this school better than we found it, and we hope to find MBA1s dedicated to making Stern the most important business school in the world.


Since last year, the Leadership Lounge on the 6th Floor has been renovated. There will now be umbrella-bag stands at every relevant entrance featuring SGov and COO sponsored plastic bags to hold your wet umbrellas (shout out to Neil Radar). SGov has formed the “State of Stern” task force comprised of members from the Stern administration, full and part time students, dual degree students, faculty and alumni. The task force’s purpose is to make realizable recommendations to the Dean’s Office by May of 2014. SGov has also created two new board positions: the VP of Blocks and the VP of Special Projects: Along with the VP of 1st Year Students, the VP of Blocks will assist in coordinating and communicating effectively throughout the blocks, cultivating the ever-important block experience. The VP of Special Projects has been tasked with turning the inefficient, counter-intuitive and counter-productive NYU student expense reimbursement process right around and making it a process that our school can be proud of.  Shouldn’t a Stern student be making that happen?

MBA1s: come and learn more about SGov during the Club Fair / Exhibition. Look through the available board positions and become part of an elite force. Throughout the year, feel free to email us at SGov@stern.nyu.edu with any relevant issues, or reach out directly to any of our board members. Here we are:

President- Shawn McClain
Executive VP- Thomas Hamnett
VP of Finance- Lawrence “Little Larry” Arbuthnott
VP of External Relations & University Senator- Annie McWilliams
VP of Events- Sarah Needham
VP of Marketing- Tavishi Agrawal
VP of Technology- Benjamin Pelled
VP of Alumni Affairs- Rachel Travis
VP of Special Projects- Shaswato Sinha
VP of Blocks- Robert Lee

SGov wants you.


Shawn McClain
Presidente de SGov

Thomas Hamnett
Vicepresidente de SGov


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