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Meet the Incoming LSG Co-Presidents!

By Courtney Ferguson & Dana Jones

After over a year of Zoom breakout rooms, socially-distanced coffee chats, and reminding professors to start the recording, Langone students can see the light at the end of this virtual learning tunnel (we hope!). As we eagerly await herd immunity and the return of a somewhat normal MBA experience, we can’t help but acknowledge the incredible ways Langone students have excelled during this time by continuing to support each other professionally and personally. This sense of community is what makes the Langone program so special, and why we can’t wait to embark on a new year as your co-presidents. …

April Showers Bring…STERNSOUNDS!!

SternSounds | April 21 

A monthly playlist curated by the Stern student body, gathered and groove approved by The Oppy.

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The Official Oppy Spotify

April ’21 SternSounds Playlist

April showers bring…STERNSOUNDS! We’re back at it again with yet another SternSounds playlist, packed with submissions from you all! The winter coats have officially been put away and replaced with umbrellas and Benadryl, because what is with the pollen this spring?! Better allergies than another sickness going around though. 

At 100 songs, not including the duplicates of Taylor Swift’s Fearless re-release, this playlist is yet again just as diverse as we expected.…

Dear Oppy: April 2021

We are proud to continue our agony advice column, Dear Oppy: B-School Advice for the Everyday Sternie – “real questions, terrible advice.”

Oppy can be quite Stern at times but is here to answer the queries and qualms of all MBA students so send them his/her/their way at or fill this out, anonymously.

Received from a student:

Dear Oppy,

I am not in the FT or Langone program, where students are nicely slotted into color blocks to make lifelong friends. With Yacht Week looming in the near horizon, how do I ensure I can network – i.e. booze up with the right crew – before it is too late?

Stern Singles Presents: Ryan Bedell

The first thing I learned about Ryan Bedell is that, as an employee of NYU he is getting his Stern education for free, which means he has made at least one more solid business decision than I have. There may be several others. Jury’s still out.

Since then, our classmates and I have learned that Ryan is one awesome, chill dude, bro. Funny, laid back, and the guy can put together a smorgasbord like none other. In fact, he literally smokes and sells his own bacon. But then again, you should know that already. If you don’t, just see what his classmates have to say about Ryan, both the man and the budding bacon entrepreneur that he is.…

The Covid relief bill: Better than a spontaneous getaway to Mexico

Yeah, Ted. I know. Mexico is fun as long as you don’t get called home within 24 hours. Granted, I’ve never been to any of those resorts in Cabo or wherever – my spring breaks in undergrad were far more muted – but I’ve been to Mexico City and I’d go back for the tacos alone. Even so, if you told me I could choose between a weekend jaunt to Tulum or the federal government passing a massive relief bill that will change the fabric of this country for the better, I’m going for the latter.

Some of you are definitely thinking I only feel that way because I’m a wonky political nerd who can’t just kick it and have a good time at Senor Frogs.…

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